Concierge Services

The picture and list of enhancements draws your attention to the finer things in life, the enjoyable activities, and that is great; but more importunately, the lifestyle enhancements we favor are those that strengthen and bond a family. Engaging in family coaching can help your family formally and purposefully identify opportunities for including all family members.

For families where it makes sense,we encourage them to create and operate a family foundation and family holding company. There are significant financial benefits, but there can be even greater family benefits from having regular meetings where the entire family works together to implement a family mission statement that achieves significance for the family and every member of the family. It becomes a team where everyone is working in the best interest of the individual and the family unit.

  • Personal Bill Paying (2)
  • Domestic Help and Payroll (2)
  • Tax Compliance (1)(2)
  • Property Management (2)
  • Cash Flow Management and Forecasting (1)
  • Private Travel Management (2)
  • Aircraft / Watercraft Management (2)
  • Concierge Services (1)(2)