Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning

Don’t go directly to the attorney for estate planning before talking to us first. They are a valued and necessary advisor; however, they draft documents; they don’t do planning. Good estate planning and wealth transfer includes all family members, family meetings, and lots of discussion and analysis to ensure the wealth transfer strengthens the family rather than destroying it. You may think your family is immune, but the odds are against you. Statistically, 70% of wealth is lost when it transfers from generation to generation and completely gone by the end of the third generation. We can keep that from happening through our family coaching process.

Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning (1)
  • Development of Personal and Family Objectives
  • Create a Written Family Significance Statement
  • Multi-Generational Snapshot of Existing Strategies
  • Legal and Tax Strategy Analysis and Recommendations (1)(2)
  • Coordinate Creation and Maintenance of Legal Documents (1)(2)
  • Financial Modeling of Alternative Strategies
  • Detailed Reports and Recommendations for Consideration
  • Detailed Action Plan to Implement Selected Strategies and Changes

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