Family Legacy & Philanthropy Planning

If you want exceptional children, teach and model charity and compassion to them. The world and society encourage materialism and self-centeredness. Those children become unhappy, unsatisfied adults that, in many cases, self-destruct. You will pass the baton to heirs either while you are alive or after your death. Building and implementing a charitable foundation or utilizing philanthropic strategies while under your tutelage, can produce caring, loving, and joyful adults that can change your world. Philanthropy should be a cornerstone of every family’s purpose for existence, and a major catalyst for achieving family significance.

Family Legacy and Philanthropy (1)
  • Multi-Generation Objectives
  • Personal Giving Program
  • Foundation Trustee Training
  • Private Foundation Management
  • Governance and Board Development
  • Strategy Analysis and Implementation
  • Foundation and Grant Administration (1)(2)

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