You Can Have It All

By Kip Kolson

You’ve seen and heard the stories of dissension, fighting, greed, and legal actions when an inheritance is up for grabs. You may be thinking, “That won’t happen in our family.” Think again! It has been statistically proven that 70% of wealth is lost each time it transitions to the next generation. Two primary factors are loss of trust and breakdown in communications. Working with families of all sizes and levels of wealth, but especially with high net worth families for almost 25 years, Kip Kolson has learned that the only way to overcome these challenges is through a holistic, integrated financial and personal coaching program that builds a cohesive team of all living generations. He wrote this book to help families: Develop a shared family vision, mission, and purpose- Build strong family ties, teamwork, and legacy- Grow and protect family wealth through multiple generations- Ensure future generations can realize their financial needs and dreams- Retain family control over family enterprises and wealth- Experience the joy of helping causes they care about

” Train up a child in the way he should go and when
he is old he will not turn from it.”

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I absolutely adored this book. I've read many books on family business since I'm a deep believer in "One good idea can change your life." This book has good ideas in great, free-flowing abundance! It takes just about every problem that can keep a family business family from being high-functioning and then suggests ways of either forestalling or dealing with the problem.

What I found particularly interesting is that many of the stories Kolson uses to illustrate his points show that the problems we deal with go back to Biblical times. The "Holy Coach," that's part of the underlying theme, is Kolson's vehicle for quoting stories from the Bible that are parallels with what happens to families today, starting with the destructive rivalry of the brothers Cain and Abel.

The "Coach's" stories were so instructive and so appropriate that in the course of studying Kolson's book, I also spent several hours on a Biblical adventure, reading "the rest of the story" in the Bible itself. That is, the "Holy Coach" would tell a Biblical story such as the story of King David and his son, Absalom (ingratitude, greed, betrayal, violence, heartbreak) and the "Holy Coach" would leave me hungering to read still more about these ancient family crises, and that's what led me to studying the Bible to learn more.

This book is not only useful, it contains a breath-taking amount of wisdom. What a gift Kolson has given us!

Mitzi Perdue(Mrs. Frank Perdue of the Perdue Farms family and daughter of Sheraton Hotels co-founder the Ernest Henderson family) Speaker, Businesswoman, Philanthropist, Author: HOW TO MAKE YOUR FAMILY BUSINESS LAST

I wanted to send you a note and let you know I’ve really been enjoying your book. It’s been on my reading list for some time but in January I committed to read it in what I thought would be a resource and guidance for working with our clients, but I’ve found it speaking to me personally about how I lead our family. I still have a ways to go to finish it but wanted you to know I’m enjoying it and the impact it will have on our family. Warmly, Mat Kimmel

Matt KimmelMatt is a VP at Farmers and Merchants Trust Company and works with high-net-worth clients and families.

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When you first helped us develop our family wealth statement clarifying and defining our financial objectives, but more importantly, the values and principles we wanted to pass to our children and grandchildren, I didn’t quite understand the impact this could have on our family. You are guiding us in transferring the stewardship of our time, talent, and training to our children so that they will be responsible individuals capable of effectively managing the treasures they will inherit. We have come to realize that this is the only way we can leave a legacy that will have significant long-term consequences for future generations, as well as our community.

We now understand, while seeming complex when first laid out, how the structure you helped us create utilizing the family holding company and the family foundation, will have far reaching benefits for our children and grandchildren. Future generations will be able to pursue their personal and career goals and be socially responsible. We understand that this process never ends and our entire family looks forward to our future.