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All In The Family                California Business Journal        April 2021

Dear Winston, I Need Some Family Advice                         March 19, 2021

Is Your Family a Sitcom?                                                  February 15, 2021

The Greatest Threat to Freedom is ____________!      February 1, 2021

The Family That Works Together, Works!            January 20, 2021

It’s Only a Bowl of Stew!                                           November 2020

Is Your Life Full Of Difficulties And Temptations? Then Be Happy!     October 2020

You Never See a Hearse Pulling a U-Hall Trailer        September 2020

Are You Paying Big Bucks For Your Children Not To Succeed?      August 2020

Where Did I Come From and Why Am I Here?     July 2020

Cowboy Family Office; Or Who Shot J. R.?   June 2020

Upside Avenue Webinar: How to Teach Your Children About Money            May 20, 2020

Over Protection Stunts Growth      May 2020

Capital is Not The Seat of Government, And Money is Not True Wealth    April 2020

The Strongest Force In The World        March 2020

Kobe Bryant; Leader On And Off The Court        February 2020

Goliath Was Not The Only Giant David Killed      January 2020

Mayday, Mayday, We’ve Lost the Pilot     December 2019

Is Your’s a Free-Market Family?        November 2019

S.P.E.A.K. to Inspire        October 2019

Listen To Me!         September 2019

Burying Your Children’s Talents Can Be Costly             

When “Free” Existed in America               July 9, 2019

Aretha Franklin Update: It Was Under The Living Room Sofa Cushion   June 2019

The “KINGDOM OF EVERYTHING’S FREE”-How Healthcare for All Can Make Your Family Sick  May 21, 2019

When the Newsman is the News: Rupert Murdoch’s Family Feud   April 23, 2019

Congratulations On Your College Degree In Cheating!  March 26, 2019

I Wish You Enough!  February 16, 2019

Beneficial Giving: Kids “Do” The Darndest Things!  January 7, 2019

President George H.W. Bush Legacy: The Politician or the Man?    December 7, 2018


Family Fightings Reaches a New Low: Arizona Republican’s Siblings Endorse His Opponents in Brutal Adds    October 5, 2018

What Is Going On In Your Sandbox?                                                      September 19, 2018

Aretha Franklin: Net Worth = $80 Million, Will & Trust = 0         August 28, 2018

The Legacy Family: It’s A Lot Like Football                                        July 27, 2018

Radio and Television Interviews:

The Dove TV               July 20, 2018

KJAG  James Lowe: Millennials Heading For An Unhealthy Future Due To Stress From Low Income, Lack of Housing, And The Gig Economy          July 3, 2018

Critical Mass Radio Show  Richard Franzi  You Can Have It All; Wealth, Wisdom, and Purpose  January 16, 2016

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