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Commentary: February 2021 “Is Your Family a Sitcom?

Commentary: January 20, 2021  “The Family That Works Together, Works!” 

Commentary: October 30, 2020   “Is Your Life Filled With Difficulties And Temptations? Then Be Happy!

Commentary: August 17, 2020  “Are You Paying Big Bucks For Your Children Not to Succeed?”

Commentary: July 20, 2020  “Where Did I Come From and Why Am I Here?”

Commentary: June 24, 2020  “Cowboy Family Office”

Commentary: May 15, 2020  “Over Protection Stunts Growth”

Commentary: April 14, 2020  “Capital is Not the Seat of Government, and Money is Not True Wealth”

Commentary: March 19, 2020  “The Strongest Force In The World”

Commentary: February 11, 2020  “Goliath Was Not The Only Giant David Killed”

Commentary: January 3, 2020  “Mayday, Mayday; We Have Lost The Pilot”

Commentary: October 2, 2019  “Listen to Me!”

Commentary: August 19, 2019   Burying Your Children’s Talents Can Be Costly

Commentary: July 11, 2019  When “Free” Existed in America

Commentary: June 13, 2019  Aretha Franklin Update: It’s Under The Living Room Sofa Cushion!

Commentary: April 29, 2019  When the Newsman is the News-Rupert Murdoch Family Feud

Radio Interview: April 1, 2019  Congratulations On Your College Degree In Cheating

Commentary: March 26, 2019  Congratulations On Your College Degree In Cheating!

Commentary: Feb. 16, 2019  I Wish You Enough!

Commentary: Jan. 7, 2019  Beneficial Giving: Kids “Do” The Darndest Things!

Commentary: Dec. 14, 2018  President George H. W. Bush Legacy: The Politician Or The Man?

Commentary: Nov. 2018  Toxic Gift Giving: Is It Really Better To Give Than Receive?

Commentary: Sept. 4, 2018 Love Labor

Commentary: Aug. 6, 2018 President Trump and Tariffs

Radio Interview: July 9, 2018 Overcoming The Way Families Destroy Wealth Through Generational Transfer

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